Festivals of India

A festival is a happening occasion typically celebrating a group’s tradition, culture, and belonging to a particular community or nation. It may be regularly celebrated within a country or region or on a limited geographical scale. It is most often commemorated as a national or local holiday, festival, or special event, usually linked with a particular saint or hero. Most commonly, it is observed during the main religious season of Diwali (January-February), Holi ( midsummer), or Vaisakhi (end of rains). It is mostly seen in northern India, although celebrations are found in other parts of India too. The best time for celebrating a festival or showing interest in Hindu Mythology is during the beginning of the rainy season, Vrindavan in northern India or Upavana in Tamil Nadu.

Hindu festivals are very much rooted in their religious beliefs and practices. However, they are celebrated in different styles, festivals in northern India are characterized mostly by special outdoor events such as Onam, Bhaidooj, Karva Chauth, Dusshera, Durga Puja, and Navaratra. In the east, celebrations are marked by new year celebrations, Id-ul-Fitr, and Makar Sankrant. In north India, festivals are celebrated with immense joy and happiness, the best time to celebrate them is during Karva Chauth, beginning of the month of Magh (January) and ending on Ganesh Chathur (gallant month of Magadh). Every region of the country celebrates significant festivals differently, but they are all equally important, especially for the locals.

In the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, the foremost notable Hindu festival is Onam. It is celebrated with great joy and happiness all over the states, and is one of the biggest annual festivals in India. The Onam celebration includes a number of festivities and games, which have become the hallmark of the festival; this is the only state in India, which has its own version of the classical game of chess. The citation needed for this festival is as follows: Onam – “the day of knowledge” or “the knowledge of the Lord”.

Bhaidooj is the second most common festival, which is celebrated in a particular town or region. It is celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Many other states celebrate Bhaidooj on the same day, but Bhaidooj is the most observed and largest festival. The citation needed for this festival is as follows: “Bhaidooj – the festival of lights” or “the festival of lights”. In many parts of India, special puja is performed before the festival; it is highly symbolic and important, and determines the proper conduct of the festival.

On the other hand, new year ceremonies, harvest festivals, fairs and festivals are all immensely celebrated in different parts of India. They vary from state to state, as well as from region to region. Some of the major harvest festivals celebrated around the world are:

Hindu festivals are celebrated with immense religious zeal. They celebrate the birth anniversary of the Buddha and mark the beginning of the fasting season. There are various other festivals that are celebrated with even more religious zeal in some parts of India. The complete list of Indian festivals is as follows:

In the western part of India, the Brahma temple is built during Ganesh Chaturthi. Jainas and Buddhists also keep fast on this day. There are many other religions and customs observed in these regions, which are also part of the regional festivals. The list of India’s religious festivals is as follows: Bhaktapur: The Day of Wealth, Luck, and Fertility Purifying the Temple, Jaipur: The Golden City, Kashi: The Sacred City, Khajuraho: The Dance Festival of the Agra Fort, Kerala: The Land of God, Varanasi: The Sacred City, Vishnu Durga Puja, and Jainas: The Festival of Knowledge. These festivals offer a rich insight into the ancient culture and religious beliefs of India.

In the northern regions, there are festivals of cheer-making, which began during the feudal era. These days, these festivals have come to be known as Lolk Chokhi. These festivals are celebrated with great zeal and fervor. The Lolk Chokhi celebrations are celebrated all over India.

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