Waterproof Sport Watch – Selecting the Best Waterproof Watch For Your Needs

If you are in the water or participating in any water-based sport you need to have some form of waterproof sport watch to keep track of your speeds and distances. At bare minimum these watches will withstand swimming and hand washing. Some of the more advanced waterproof watches even withstand running through rain showers and sprinklers. At this point, your options for a waterproof watch are endless.

Amazon is the leading online retailer of sporting goods. If you are looking for an Amazon waterproof sport watch you should browse their wide selection here. Most of the waterproof sport watches they carry are either under $50 or under twenty dollars. The prices on the lower end models are generally a reflection of features and the brand name. If you are looking for a basic model for recreational use then the prices will remain affordable.

Some of the top-rated waterproof sport watches on Amazon include the Rempeel Nautilus by Trek Master. This model features an audible and tactile beep in order to let you know when you have reached a certain distance. You can also track your speeds with the speed-counter. The stainless steel body of the model is fully customizable and includes various interchangeable watchbands. The included strap is also highly comfortable.

The Citizen Obena Chronograph with stainless steel case and silver dial cover is another excellent choice. This watch is one of the most technologically advanced watches on the market today. It includes a date window, a time-counter and a compass. This model has a safety-counter that will stop the watch at the third-level if it comes off-axis. There is also a three-position lock to protect the dial cover from being accidentally scratched.

A waterproof watch like the Polar Faucet Master Stainless is perfect for individuals who do not always use their watches underwater. This model features an illuminated dial and a date window. The face is textured so it is resistant to smudges. It also has a countdown timer and an alarm. The price for this model is very affordable and it ships with a two-year limited warranty.

A popular model on Amazon is the Seiko Company Archives Undetectable Technomarine Chronograph Tank. This watch is an affordable way to manage time zones. The watch offers a twenty-four hour countdown timer, an alarm clock, twelve hour timer and a calendar. This model is water resistant up to a hundred and twenty feet and features a forty-two minute power reserve. The included leather strap is comfortable and the bezel holds a large gold ring.

Two other popular waterproof GPS watches on Amazon include the Garmin Marine GPS receiver/transmitter and Polar Upholster PTX multifunction watch. The Garmin Marine GPS receiver/transmitter is waterproof to fifty meters and has a one year limited warranty. This unit can be used in thirty-five meter waters and has a two-year limited warranty. The Polar Upholster is a complete water proof watch that comes with a chest strap, three-position lock/turn tension dial, a nine volt battery, and digital marine navigation. It has a sixteen-hour timer and a calendar.

When you are looking for a waterproof watch you should consider pros and cons of each watch model that you are considering. Also, consider the features and the types of activities that you will be using the watch for. If you are looking for an everyday watch you will need to look at the pros of a digital watch versus a mechanical watch. If you are a swimmer or a kayak operator you will want to look at the pros of an inner sea or a waterproof watch with a built-in GPS navigational system.

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